The right way to eat Sushi

Despite being a global culinary phenomenon, a lot of people don’t know how to eat Sushi properly.

And this isn’t limited to the United States or the UK where the Sushi is a much cherished immigrant. Even in the Sushi hometown of Japan, people struggle to follow the right Sushi etiquette.

The fact is that you can just walk up to your chef and ask them about the right way to eat Sushi. There won’t be a Gordon Ramsay moment with the chef breathing down fire at you.

But people don’t.

And they end up eating Sushi in ways that can make a chef cringe.

Eating sushi

Coming to the main part, eating Sushi, well, there are traditional and non-traditional ways to eat Sushi. And then there are the Americanized ways of eating it too.

Depending on how upscale the Sushi bar is and the general ambience, you can choose to have it the way you prefer to or to follow the traditional way.

Here’s the traditional way of eating Sushi. If you are reading this, we assume that you are Sushi literate and aware of the differences between Nigiri, Maki, Temaki and Sashimi.

  1. Clean your hands with the moist towel that the restaurant provides. As much as you’d be tempted to eat Sushi with chopsticks, it’s perfectly okay to eat with your hands.
  2. Drip a little soy sauce into the accompanying bowl. Depending on your taste buds and your culture, you might take a lot of soy sauce or just a wee bit. Either is ok.
  3. You can put a hint of wasabi on the fish and dip it into your sauce. Alternatively, you can dip a few strands of shredded ginger into the sauce and use that to baste the fish surface.
  4. Take a small piece that you can gulp down in one bite. Once you eat it, there will be an explosion of amazing flavors in your mouth. Take time to savor it. Good quality sushi will have extremely tender and soft fish that will melt away in your mouth. Clubbed with the wasabi, the flavor is amazing to say the least.
  5. If you are trying different varieties of Sushi, use Ginger in between each type to refresh your taste buds.

That’s about it. Not rocket science really. Now that you know how to eat Sushi correctly, let’s talk about some common mistakes that people make.

Wasabi doesn’t go with Soy sauce

One of the common glaring mistakes is to mix up the Wasabi with soy sauce. Wasabi is not meant to be mixed with sauce because soy destroys the beautiful aroma of wasabi. Oh, by the way nor does it serve the purpose of giving your sinuses a tingle.

Most restaurants in the US serve horseradish powder instead of real wasabi to cut down on costs anyway.

However, if you get authentic Wasabi then you put a hint of it on your fish and then you may dip the fish in the soy sauce if need be.