How to make restaurant-styled Sushi at home

There’s no denying the fact that Sushi is an art form that very few have mastered. That’s why it is such a prized dish cherished around the world for its unique and authentic flavors.

But unless you are all hung up about the authenticity, you can make pretty good sushi at home.

Did that sound blasphemous? Any Sushi chefs wanting to kill me right now?

Hang on to your guns for I am going to share with you, a bunch of tips that allows you to make good quality Sushi at home.

Remember, if you feel that any of these tips aren’t working, I will tell you where to find me. Just don’t kill me with the chopsticks.

The important task – Buying the ingredients

Good Sushi is about good quality ingredients. Everything from the fish to the Wasabi to the veggies to the soy sauce and the rice need to be sushi-grade.

So head to a store that’s reputed for selling fresh and quality supplies.

  • The ingredients you need will depend on what you intend to make. But here’s a basic list. Nori, sushi rice (any short grain rice should do), rice vinegar, sesame seeds, sushi-grade fish, your veggies, soy sauce, wasabi and ginger pickle.
  • Apart from basic equipment to cook that you can easily find at home, you will also need a bamboo mat, a plastic wrap and a rice cooker.
  • The fish in particular needs to be fresh. By fresh, I mean caught-an-hour-ago fresh. Else, the Sushi will taste miserable. Not to mention that there’s an impending risk of bacterial contamination. Once you get the fish home, store it in a refrigerator.
  • The rice must be cooked just enough. Not overcooked. That’s irrespective of whether you are making Nigiri or Maki. Leave the rice paste for dessert.
  • You don’t necessarily need all the garnishes. But if you are picky, then you can find both Daikon and Shiso in online stores. What’s best about it is that these herbs are easy to grow at home. Keeps you covered for any future DIY sushi cravings that you may have.

Do the prep

The fun and the challenge lies in doing the preparation work beforehand so that the final process becomes easier.

Rinse, clean and cook the rice. Make the rice seasoning mixture by heating vinegar, salt and sugar in a small saucepan.

Remove the cooked rice, sprinkle it with this seasoning mix and then cover it with a damp towel. Wait until its cooled completely.

Prepare the filling by cutting your fish against the grain. Take soy sauce and wasabi in bowls.

Now its time to prepare the sushi. Lay your bamboo mat, put a piece of nori on it and take small pulps of rice and press it on to it. The layer must be thin and uniform but the rice must not be crushed.

Now layer your fillings on the rice and roll the mat firmly. You must always roll the sushi with the mat rather than picking up the nori with the fingers.

That’s it. You have your sushi roll. Serve with your sauce dips and garnishes.